The team

Marielle, smiling and caring! She welcomes you throughout the seasons to make you discover our wines. She also takes care of part of the commercial and administrative operations daily.

Jeanne, the team's globetrotter! Before joining us, Jeanne cut her teeth in Asia Today ambassador of our wines, she represents them in France and internationally.

Fabrice, a real Swiss army knife! It enjoys being in the cellar as well as in the vineyard. Discreet and courageous man, oh so important in our team.

Valentine is responsible for the bottling process. Volunteer, her rigor and precision are her best assets.

Dominique, 6th generation of winegrowers, is the conductor of the estate. Stephanie, as a good co-pilot, writes the roadmap for the winery.

Benoit likes working in the great outdoors! A viticulture technician, none of our plots hold any secrets for him.

Valentin, an experienced tractor driver, pampers the estate's vines with attention and discretion.

Théodore, our cellar manager, works with his great energy and open-mindedness in the vinification and aging of our wines.

Let's not forget our Madeira musketeers, a loyal team, who shape our vines everyday.