A history that
dates back to the 17th century

Perched at an altitude of 170 meters on the hills of Gascony, Domaine Guillaman is a property passed down to the Ferrets from generation to generation.

The family house, dating from 1626, would have been linked to the Ursuline convent of Gondrin, as evidenced by the mysterious inscriptions “IHS” engraved above each door of the residence.

The story of Guillaman is a saga full of passion, family commitment and dedication to the art of viticulture.

The Ferret family has preserved and perpetuated this wine heritage, passing on their love for the vine and their precious knowledge from father to son.

Dominique, heir of the 6th generation, grew up on the estate, imbued from a young age with the winemaking values and traditions that have forged the identity of Guillaman.

His grandfather passed on to him this love for the terroir, this fervor for the vine and the knowhow that characterizes the estate.

Self-taught, Dominique took over the family estate at the dawn of his 16th birthday.

Driven by a desire for quality and driven by an overflowing passion, Dominique decides to take a turning point in the history of the estate He chose to devote himself to the production of high-quality white wines.

This decision marks the beginning of an exciting adventure for Guillaman. With determination, Dominique and Stephanie, granddaughter of a winemaker from Gondrin, set about transforming the existing 20-hectare vineyard to give it a new vision, growing and improving the vineyard and the cellar.

The year 2000 was a major turning point for Guillaman, marking the launch of his first vintage in bottle.

This new chapter in their history begins under the best auspices: Guillaman wins in this first year the prestigious gold medal of the Concours General Agricole de Paris, a well-deserved recognition for their hard work and their incessant quest for quality.

Since this recognition, the Domaine has continued to grow and prosper.

The vineyard now extends over an area of 200 hectares, within a radius of 5km around the original lands, on one of the most beautiful terroirs in Gascony.

The winery exclusively sells its wines in restaurants and wine merchants.

More than 65% of its production is currently exported around thirty countries.

A privileged terroir in
Cotes de Gascogne

The Domaine Guillaman vineyard is nestled in the heart of a typically Gascon terroir. The roots of the vines are deeply anchored in clay-rich soil, resting on limestone bedrock. This symbiosis between the earth and the subsoil offers an ideal terrain for the development of the vine.

The climate is also a major asset for our region Cradled between an oceanic climate on one side and a Pyrenees climate on the other side, our vineyard benefits from regular, mild, and rainy seasons. Summers are hot and sunny, with nights of great thermal amplitude, allowing the grapes to ripen slowly and develop intense aromatic complexity.

At the heart of our estate is a marked predominance of white grape varieties.

Colombard, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, UgniBlanc, Gros Manseng and Petit Manseng are the jewels of our terroir, representing 80% of our vineyard.

Each deeply rooted grape variety makes a particular contribution to our dry and white wines.
The diversity of our plots also offers us great opportunities to produce rosé and red wines with a strong personality.

From grape varieties such as Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah, we create cuvées that capture the very essence of our terroir.

The terroir is the true soul of our eight cuvées at Guillaman. It is the harmonious marriage of geology, climate, viticulture, and passion that creates our wines, and we are proud to share our Gascon terroir with you through each glass of our wines.

We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors,
we borrow it from our children.

Our know-how in the vineyard

In the Guillaman vineyards, sustainable viticultural practices are at the heart of our philosophy.

We are firmly committed to respecting our environment and preserving the health of our soils.

To do this, we have implemented alternative methods:

the vine branches are crushed on site to be returned as natural organic fertilizer.

alternative grass cover between the vine rows promotes biodiversity, contributes to the natural regulation of pests, and reduces erosion.

Alternative mechanical tillage of the soil limits evaporation, improves aeration and the physical structure of the soil by promoting biological activity and soil life.

Every year we plant field beans throughout our vineyard.
True green fertilizers, they naturally increase soil fertility, promote biological activity in the soil while limiting erosion, always in perfect symbiosis with our biodiversity reservoir: bees, hares, deer, ladybugs, etc.

We use biocontrol products recognized as a key alternative to conventional phytosanitary products and as one of the pillars of agroecology.

We have been using these products for more than 5 campaigns with the containment technique, called recovery panels, thus reducing the quantities by almost 50%, without dispersion in the environment.

Leaf stripping is an essential step to ensure a good leaf surface and thus guarantee that each bunch benefits from the ideal amount of sun and air allowing optimal ripening of the grapes.

Bi-weekly monitoring of the maturity of each grape variety per plot is a task that we carry out meticulously: this allows us to harvest each grape variety at its full aromatic potential. Between the beginning of September for early grape varieties until the beginning of November for our late harvests.

Our know-how in the cellar

At Guillaman cellar, our commitment to sustainability extends well beyond the vines.

In recent years, significant investments have been made to modernize our facilities and ultimately reduce our environmental footprint.

One of our latest notable achievements is the installation of 1600m2 of solar panels which currently cover 75% of our energy consumption.

In addition, we have set up a rainwater recovery system to preserve this precious resource.

Every drop counts, and we strive to minimize our impact on the environment by reusing as much as possible. We use less than a liter of water to produce a liter of wine, when the national average is over two liters.

Our long-term goal is to achieve energy self-sufficiency.

In our winemaking process, we use nitrogen, a gas present at 78% in the ambient air, neutral for the wine, as a vector of protection during key stages such as pressing, racking or during our wine bottling.

We favor filtration without adding stabilizing products and without generating waste by using tangential filtration of our wines.

Our wines are stabilized and stored in insulated tanks at less than 6°C until they are bottled.

We are equipped with a bottling line on the estate, ensuring maximum responsiveness and flexibility for order preparation.

The thermoregulated storage cellar allows nearly 100,000 bottles to be stored at less than 15°C all year round.

Our lasting commitment

Preserving resources and reducing our environmental impact are fundamental commitments at Guillaman.

We believe that every little gesture counts in preserving our planet and we are determined to play our role for a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future.

High Environmental Value HVE3

As Independent Winegrowers, we plant, grow, and vinify our own grapes with pride.
By taking responsibility for each step of the process, we guarantee traceability and unparalleled quality.

From planting to growing vines, to winemaking and breeding, we favor environmentally friendly practices, attested by our High Environmental Value level 3 certification.

The specifications are strict and checked periodically by an independent certification body approved by the Ministry of Agriculture. Level 3 is based on an obligation of results with indicators measuring the performance of the operation.

We favor environmentally friendly practices for the fertilization of our vines:

Soil analyzes and foliar diagnostics allow us to quantify our needs.

The vine branches are crushed on site to provide organic matter to the soil in a natural way.

In addition, 100% of the manure added to the vines is of natural origin (organic).

Alternative methods based on natural mechanisms

We use more than 30% biocontrol products.

Protecting plants during their growth is one of the historic challenges of the agricultural world. One of the agroecological solutions lies in the use of biocontrol products, which rely on natural mechanisms and interactions between species.

Biocontrol is recognized as a key alternative to conventional phytosanitary products and one of the agroecology pillars.

We have been using these products for more than 5 years with the confined spraying technique with recovery panels, thus reducing the quantities by almost 50%, without dispersion in the environment.

Preserving flora and fauna

We are actively engaged in the conservation of biodiversity within our vineyard.

More than 60% of our vineyard is covered with permanent plants such as natural meadows, natural grass cover for the vines and alfalfa.

More than 15% of our land is classified as an ecological zone of interest, including trees, hedges, groves and fallows.

In a natural ecosystem

We preserve nearly 100 meters of hedges for each hectare of vines, thus creating habitats conducive to our wildlife.

In addition, we are strengthening our commitment to sustainable development by planting around fifty trees and more than 500 meters of hedges of local species each year along the edge of our vineyards.

At the heart of our estate, we host nearly 200 hives Our friends the bees live in perfect harmony with the vines.

Preserving water resources

Thanks to our sustainable viticulture approach, our vines flourish without requiring additional irrigation, naturally nourishing themselves with rainwater.

Additionally, we strive to minimize our water consumption at each stage of the winemaking process, using less than one liter of water to produce one liter of wine packaged in our cellar, compared to the national average of two liters of water.

These efforts aim to reduce pressure on our precious water resources.

Minimizing and Recycling our waste

We also pay particular attention to the treatment of our wine waste.

To guarantee responsible management of our resources and preserve the environment, we reprocess all our waste through an independent wastewater treatment plant.

Our other waste is recycled by an approved service provider through a fortnightly collection.

Reducing the carbon footprint through eco-responsible choices

At Guillaman, we are firmly committed to reducing our carbon footprint.
Our packaging process is carried out on site in the heart of the estate, with a state-of-the-art bottling line.

We made a deliberate decision in favor of the environment by choosing a lightweight bottle, which weighs less than 420 grams, and which is made in France.

These choices aim to reduce carbon emissions associated with the transport of our wines and packaging materials.
In addition, we favor 70 to 100% recycled paper and cardboard, also contributing to reducing the demand for new resources.

Engaged with local stakeholders

As a player in our local community, we actively support its economic development by participating in sports and school events organized in our village. This involvement allows us to strengthen ties with our social environment and share our passion for wine with our community.


Colombard - Sauvignon

The typical blend from Gascony. A lively, fresh, delicious, aromatic, and crisp wine, easy to drink at any time: as an aperitif, with sea bass carpaccio, thyme/feta focaccia, shrimp or fresh goat’s cheese spring rolls.

Colombard 80% Sauvignon Blanc 20%


Sauvignon Blanc

A fresh and aromatic single-varietal Sauvignon Blanc, with notes of melon, pear, citrus and white flowers, with a nice volume on the palate and a lingering finish. To be enjoyed on its own or will pair greatly with smoked trout makis, sea bream ceviche, with a courgette-goat cheese-fresh mint cake, or mackerel rillettes.

Sauvignon Blanc 100%



A fresh and aromatic single varietal, to enjoy on its own or with a crab pie, a turkey breast with grilled herbs or with a crispy salmon fillet.

Chardonnay 100%


Rosé de Pressée

A fresh, fruity, and delicate rosé. Perfect for lunches and summer evenings With aromas of grapefruit, strawberry and a hint of spice. Goes well with a cherry tomato and burrata tatin, caramelized pork ribs, grilled mackerel, strawberry-tomato-basil gazpacho

Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot et Syrah


Gros Manseng

A fresh and aromatic semi-dry with an intense and invigorating nose of citrus and white peach and a delicious, crunchy palate of apricot, mango, and honey. To be enjoyed on its own or accompanied by a green tomato tarte tatin, pulled duck with mango, lemon and poppy seed cake with lavender icing.

Gros-Manseng 100%


Frisson d’Automne

A sweet wine perfectly balanced by the freshness of Gros Manseng & the complexity of Petit Manseng. Lively intense nose of apricot, candied lemon, quince, honey, and a hint of white pepper. Nice roundness on the palate with notes of mango, honey and herbaceous freshness. It will pair greatly with a creamy mushroom risotto, a blue cheese, a peach-verbena tart.

Gros Manseng 60%, Petit Manseng 40%



A ‘little red’ that is intense, with aromas of ripe cherries and raspberries, a touch of cocoa, a silky mouth, and melted tannins. Serve with a lamb tagine, braised chicken, marinated tuna steak grilled on the barbecue, or with a Caprese salad with roasted nectarines.

Merlot, Cabernet-Sauvignon


Les Hauts de Guillaman

A single-vineyard Merlot aged in French oak barrels, complex and powerful, with aromas of ripe red and black fruits, roasted cocoa beans, vanilla, spices. Full-bodied, dense and round on the palate, melted tannins, with a beautiful length. To enjoy with a duck breast grilled over a wood fire, with poultry marinated with morels, and with a camembert stuffed with apricots and almonds roasted on the barbecue.

Merlot 100%

FIND US Visit us at the winery: Lieu-dit Guillaman 32330 Gondrin FRANCE Contact us: +33 (0)5 62 29 13 82 contact@domaine-guillaman.fr

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