Our lasting commitment

Preserving resources and reducing our environmental impact are fundamental commitments at Guillaman.

We believe that every little gesture counts in preserving our planet and we are determined to play our role for a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future.

High Environmental Value HVE3

As Independent Winegrowers, we plant, grow, and vinify our own grapes with pride.
By taking responsibility for each step of the process, we guarantee traceability and unparalleled quality.

From planting to growing vines, to winemaking and breeding, we favor environmentally friendly practices, attested by our High Environmental Value level 3 certification.

The specifications are strict and checked periodically by an independent certification body approved by the Ministry of Agriculture. Level 3 is based on an obligation of results with indicators measuring the performance of the operation.

We favor environmentally friendly practices for the fertilization of our vines:

Soil analyzes and foliar diagnostics allow us to quantify our needs.

The vine branches are crushed on site to provide organic matter to the soil in a natural way.

In addition, 100% of the manure added to the vines is of natural origin (organic).

Alternative methods based on natural mechanisms

We use more than 30% biocontrol products.

Protecting plants during their growth is one of the historic challenges of the agricultural world. One of the agroecological solutions lies in the use of biocontrol products, which rely on natural mechanisms and interactions between species.

Biocontrol is recognized as a key alternative to conventional phytosanitary products and one of the agroecology pillars.

We have been using these products for more than 5 years with the confined spraying technique with recovery panels, thus reducing the quantities by almost 50%, without dispersion in the environment.

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