Preserving water resources

Thanks to our sustainable viticulture approach, our vines flourish without requiring additional irrigation, naturally nourishing themselves with rainwater.

Additionally, we strive to minimize our water consumption at each stage of the winemaking process, using less than one liter of water to produce one liter of wine packaged in our cellar, compared to the national average of two liters of water.

These efforts aim to reduce pressure on our precious water resources.

Minimizing and Recycling our waste

We also pay particular attention to the treatment of our wine waste.

To guarantee responsible management of our resources and preserve the environment, we reprocess all our waste through an independent wastewater treatment plant.

Our other waste is recycled by an approved service provider through a fortnightly collection.

Reducing the carbon footprint through eco-responsible choices

At Guillaman, we are firmly committed to reducing our carbon footprint.
Our packaging process is carried out on site in the heart of the estate, with a state-of-the-art bottling line.

We made a deliberate decision in favor of the environment by choosing a lightweight bottle, which weighs less than 420 grams, and which is made in France.

These choices aim to reduce carbon emissions associated with the transport of our wines and packaging materials.
In addition, we favor 70 to 100% recycled paper and cardboard, also contributing to reducing the demand for new resources.

Engaged with local stakeholders

As a player in our local community, we actively support its economic development by participating in sports and school events organized in our village. This involvement allows us to strengthen ties with our social environment and share our passion for wine with our community.

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